Cuban people are generally helpful and hospitable towards the foreigners, they are nice and easy going. They like to get together with their friends and family is the most important thing for them. They are mostly positive and they like to make fun of themselves.

The Cubans are well aware of the fact that they have faced much harder times in the past and that compared to the South and Central America. They live in a nice place, they have enough of food  (even thought it might be with a bit modest choice) and the only thing they are actually lacking to be fully satisfied is the freedom for which are longing mostly younger, ambitious Cubans.It is well known about Cubans that they like to enjoy themselves and have fun, whether its a visit in a local night club, concert or some kind of sport (Baseball is the unrivalled number 1 on the island).

Majority of Cubans are literate, they can read and write unlike the great part of countries of Latin America. Despite the fact that the educational level is rather low – they are lacking basic utilities and the education is focused more on the promotion of the ruling political party - everyone is having a  free access to it and the same thing it is with the local medical system that is on a higher level.

Cuba has one of the lowest child death rate on the continent. The doctors, compared with their colleagues from the third world countries are much better skilled and they are professionals and as such, they are helping often in the neighbouring countries as well. Even though the equipment and the technical state of the hospitals is rather average the foreigners are being treated in a quality hospital “Clinica Central Cira García”. The treatment isn’t provided for free though, for a consultation with a general practitioner you are about to pay 25 CUC. In a bigger tourist resorts, most of the hospitals are alike. There is no need for a vaccination while travelling to Cuba. In most of the cases the drugs are available in the pharmacy of the same hospital for foreigners.

A common Cuban citizen is struggling with the buying of the drugs. It’s mainly because there is almost nothing accessible in the pharmacy. Since 01.05.2010 there is an obligation for all foreigners to have a valid travel insurance for a whole time of their stay before they set foot in Cuba so the professional and quick health care can be provided. It is recommended not to drink unpacked water in Cuba. If there is no other choice, boil the water first. We recommend to pack some of the fundamental drugs to the first-aid kit although with responsible approach nothing serious can happen, in our opinion. Cuba is rather safe destination thanks to good neighbour relations and the criminality isn’t high here but you should beware of the pickpockets whom can be found mostly in the less uncluttered areas of the city and in the tourist zones. There is certainly a one rule to stay safe in Cuba which is not to be too eccentric.

For your trip to Cuba you will need a tourist visa which costs 750 CZK,- and it will be drawn up for you at the Cuban Embassy on the spot (it is valid for 30 days in a row since you enter the Cuban territory).

You have to leave the country in 6 months ever since the receiving of the visa. Except the tourist visa there is another thing you will need and that is valid passport. The passport must be valid at least 6 months from the moment you enter Cuba.

When leaving Cuba there is also an obligation to pay the departure tax which is 25 CUC (It is no longer needed after 01.05.2015). You will pay the tax at a special window at the airport where they will place a stamp on your boarding ticket. Without that you won’t be allowed to enter the departure hall.