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Indirizzo: Lealtad y Neptuno, Centro Havana, , ,

Renting a car in Cuba allows you to create your own itinerary and maintain complete control of where to go, what to do and how long to stay in one particular place. Renting a car is also the best way to explore Cuba and to get in contact with the locals. Renting car with us is fast, easy and secure.

• To ensure the car needs to report a binding driver (the driver must be personally present at the surrender and return the car and signing the lease car). • Second driver can pay on the spot when signing the contract. • If you want to rent a car in the morning and want to return car back in the evening, you must pay a extra fee for a new day cycle + insurance for one day • We need to keep cycle of 24 hours rent a car • It is necessary to send us flight schedule for arrival/departure to/from Havana

Se sei interessato a noleggiare un'auto, contatta o modulo di contatto.

Posizione hotel

Kabaret Tropicana:
2,08 km
Marina Hemingway:
3,47 km
13,62 km
Bodeguita del Medio:
5,18 km
La Habana Vieja:
4,78 km
localizzazione GPS:
23°6'41.1588"N, -82°-26'-18.978"W

Informazione del hotel

Recepcion aperta:

Purcharges to cars - client will pay in the rental • Refundable deposit when renting a car is payable on the spot (like guarantee), the price of this deposit is 200 CUC per car (the height of the bail depends on the model of the car) • Compulsory car insurance – 10-15 CUC per car per day is payable with signing car rental contract in Cuba • The quantity of the gas in petrol tank must be the same as when renting. If there will be less gas than while renting, you must pay it according to the prices of VIA RENT A CAR • when renting or returnig of the car at any international cuban airport will be credited a fee 20 CUC • Late returning of the car than at the time in the car rental contract • A DROP OFF fee for returning car in other locality (province) than at renting place (0,20 CUC per 1 kilometer between car rentals) • A car with automatic transmission – 10 CUC per day • In-writing of other driver to the car rental contract – 30 CUC per whole time of the car rent

Informazione sulle camere

Note: • The minimum age for drivers is 21 years • 1 liter of gasoline = 1.30 CUC • 1 CUC = about 1€ • Cuba is banned from traveling with navigation (GPS) - honestly, not necessary • TA have 2 delegates in the area (in case of a problem in a rental or on the way - 24 hours on the phone)

Condizioni di recesso

Car is on request confirmation from Cuba after binding reservations from you.

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